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Daily Archives: November 4, 2010

Hereford Photography Festival.

If this photo festival is half as good as the Brighton Photography Biennial that closes on the 14th then it should definitely be worth a visit.

After two decades of hugely successful festivals, that have included exhibitions by established and emerging talent from all over the world, it was our challenge this year to design a programme that not only lives up to our past, but that makes a decisive stride into the future.

The festival began with distinct aims; to bring great photographers and photography to the region and to actively engage audiences, all of which remain at the very heart of our ambitions. TWENTY- co-curated by Paul Seawright – is our celebration of the festival’s legacy; a retrospective of some of the great photographers we have exhibited in the past. I’m also delighted to be presenting newly commissioned work by renowned photographer Tessa Bunney and to be exhibiting the very finest new talent in OPEN HERE, our open submission exhibition.


Simon Norfolk


“Teaching photography is a delicate balance of technique and art. A very delicate balance.

I do not think that ‘art’ can be taught, but I do think that some of the blocks that people have toward the creation of art can be identified – and that can lead to getting rid of them. Showing someone how to think about creating the shot may not result in a fantastic photo, but it will open their mind to a process that may lead to making better images. Nothing happens overnight. The process grows and the old habits fight hard to remain dominant.”


Elements of truth

This funny article has so many elements of the truth, if you are a photographer you will recognise these situations and grind your teeth, from those nice people at Photoshelter


I use this Koudelka image to illustrate